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Humana Dental Plan C550

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Dental Plan C550

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With the HumanaOne Dental Plan C550 (formerly CompBenefits Plan 550), you won't be surprised by any hidden costs. There just aren't any. Your dental needs are covered right from the start. Any pre-existing condition you may have is covered immediately and the plan can be purchased on a standalone basis without a Humana health insurance plan.

The HumanaOne Pre-Paid Dental Plan C550 gives you access to services with low co-payments through a wide network of dentists. This is a great plan for individuals who want:

  • No co-payments on many diagnostic and preventive procedures
  • Confidence that you will save money on dental care.
  • No benefit maximums

HumanaOne Dental Plan C550 (Formerly CompBenefits C550)

Plan Features

  • 100% coverage on many diagnostic and preventive procedures. You pay nothing for this dental work.
  • Low $10 office visit co-payment
  • Discounts on Specialty Care and certain Cosmetic Procedures
  • No benefit maximum or claim forms
  • A provider network with more than 5,000 network dentists
  • Specialty care and some cosmetic procedures covered at a discount

How It Works

  • First, sign up for coverage. When you are filling in your application you will need to select your Primary Care Dentist from the dental directory list. Participating dentists are located near your home or office. Each dentist is licensed and is a skilled and experienced professional. CompBenefits carefully reviews the credentials of each dentist in the network before they are selected. Family members under the same plan may select different dentists. You can find a dentist by visiting Humana's Dentist Finder.

  • When you see your participating dentist, you'll receive no charge services on
    • X-rays
    • Routine Cleanings
    • Topical Flouride
    • Oral Exams
    • Local Anesthesia
  • You pay only the fees listed on the schedule of benefits.

Procedure Prices

Dental Services You Pay
Office Visit $10 copayment
Periodic Oral Evaluation $0
X-rays $0
Filling (silver) $30
Filling (tooth-colored) $50
Extraction $35
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Plan C550 Rates

Fee Price
One-Time Enrollment Fee $35.00 (total)
The fee for both 1 person or 4 persons is $35.
Monthly Premium (1 person) $15.10
Monthly Premium (2 persons) $25.08
Monthly Premium (3 persons) $33.65
Monthly Premium (4 persons) $42.05
Monthly Admin Fee
(Included in rates above, waived if you pay yearly)

Effective Dates

DHMO (Dental C550) effective dates are calculated as follows:

  • If application is received between the 1st and 15th of the month, the policy effective date will be the 1st of the following month. 1. Example: Application received on May 10th will have an effective date of June 1st.
  • If application is received between the 16th and end of the month, the policy effective date will be the 1st of the 2nd following month (the month after the following month). 1. Example: Application received May 18th for processing will have a policy effective date of July 1st.

The reason for the difference in effective dates is due to the member having to select a primary care dentist and being included in the monthly membership rosters sent to providers.

Can I terminate my coverage at any time?

No, there is a one year contract with these plans. However, Dental C550 members can terminate their coverage within the first 30 days of their effective date, but they will only be refunded their premium (not enrollment fee) and will be responsible for any claims incurred during this time. After the 30 day window, cancellations are not accepted unless for approved exceptions.

Payment Options

Payment options include monthly and annual bank draft, monthly and annual credit card payments (Visa and Mastercard), and monthly and annual bills.

After Enrollment

After enrollment, members will receive a welcome packet and ID cards 7-10 days after the application is received and enrollment is processed, and should bring their ID cards with them when visiting the dentist. Members should inform their provider of their plan when scheduling their appointment to avoid any issues at the time of service.