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Anthem BlueCross BlueShield Indiana - Maternity Plan Benefits

Maternity Plan Benefits

All Anthem Blue Access plans cover complications due to pregancy, but routine maternity benefits are not covered. However, routine materntiy benefits are available for an additional cost on a limited number of the plans.

Plans that offer an optional maternity benefit include:

Premier Plus Plan Maternity Benefit Option Restrictions

If you elect the Premier Plus plan optional materntiy benefit, there is a 18-month waiting period for routine pregancy services. This means that Anthem will not pay for any routine materntity services before until you have had the plan for 18 months from the policy effective date year.

After the 18-month waiting period, a $3,000 maternity deductible must be satisfied before Anthem begins covering routine materntiy expenses. After the deductible is met, routine materntiy claims are covered at 100% or 80%, depending on if you have the Premier Plus Plan 100 or 80. If you have the Premier Plus 80 plan and the out-of-pocket maximum is reached, services are covered at 100%.

However, if you get pregnant during the 12 month of maternity coverage, the hospital delivery would be covered since the baby will be born after the 18 month waiting period.