Anthem Blue Cross BlueShield of Indiana
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Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield - PPO Discounts

Anthem is Indiana's largest health insurer and correspondingly, has the largest PPO network. Because of their enormous size, Anthem is able to negotiate the lowest fees with the hospitals, physicians and pharmacies participating in their networks.

PPO Plan Discounts

For members with the traditional Anthem PPO plans that include office visit co-pays or prescription drug co-pays, these discounts are less important (and noticeable) because they pay a fixed co-payment amount for most services.

For members with the Anthem Lumenos plans, these discounts can provide significant savings because you're responsible for paying all medical services until the high deductible is reached. Whether you are paying from a Health Savings Account (HSA), Health Incentive Account (HIA), or your personal income, these discounts ensure you are minimizing your health care expenses.